The Village Hub

The Village Hub (supported by the Q1 Foundation) is the community connector in Goring-on-Thames. The place for the young and the not so young to come together over weekly activities or a chat about any aspects of care or benefits.
The Village Hub is part of Q1 Foundation charity.

Resources To Help You

We work with multiple agencies, providers and charities to give our community easy and regular access to what support is available.

We made it easier to find and tap into on our website. Select the section relevent to you and check the links make available to you.
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Get Involved In Your Community

You can donate to Q1 Foundation can be there for those who need it.Your gift helps us to be active in the comunity and improve care and support.

We also welcome anyone who wants to give a bit of its time to our charity by volunteering.
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Our Local Events

The Hub hosts a variety of regular clubs – sewing and puzzles being just two! We run a range of clubs and educational sessions and they are of course dementia-friendly.

All with the aim of getting the local community ‘out and about’ and have some interaction and fun. Hope to see you at on of them!
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Our Future Events

Our Mission

Q1 Foundation – confronting social isolation, building resilience and empowering the community, through guidance, support and action.

Melanie Meads

Covid-19 Crisis Village's Helpline - Call us on 0149 152 5639
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